Non-Clinical Office Support

Our non-clinical services support various healthcare facilities with their daily mundane administrative duties such as answering phones, setting of appointments, reminding and scheduling of follow-up visits, and other customer-related tasks.

Provider Services

We offer specialized services with fast turnaround time in a HIPAA compliant environment. We take the tedious administrative tasks or complex coding procedures so you can focus on business profitability and patient care.

Healthcare Compliance

As an increasing outsource trend, healthcare compliance is one of our strongest suits where we fulfill companies’ requirements for quality and cost. With extensive experience in credentialing, audits and quality assurance, we guarantee that your business will be well-prepared ahead of time.

Healthcare Staffing Support Services

We help healthcare staffing agencies with back-end support that enable them to operate on a 24/7 schedule, especially those agencies that have high volume of calls for staffing coordination from client facilities. We also offer outsourcing services in human resource, finance, and operations.